Wudu and Science Complete Comparison of wudu and modern science


(Wuzzo / Ablution)

wudu science: Correct & complete wudu is an essential pre-requisite of performing Namaz & Allah has elaborately described the whole process in surat Al-Maida in the Holy Quran

“Oh you who have attained to faith, when you are about to pray, wash your face and your hands and arms up to the elbows and pass your (wet) hands lightly over your head, and your feet up to the ankles and if you are in a state requiring total ablution, purify yourself. But if you are ill, or traveling, or have just satisfied a want of nature, or have co-habited with a woman, and can find no water – then take resort to pure dust, passing therewith lightly over your face and your hands. Allah does not want to impose any hardship on you but wants to make you pure, and to bestow upon you the full measure of His blessings so that you may have cause to be grateful.“

(Quran: Al-Maidah 5:6)

Hazrat Anas (RA) reports that Rasulullah (PBUH) said:

“Be meticulous in performing wudu, your lifespan will increase and your protecting angels will love you”

“He who performs ablution, and performs it in the best way, his sins leave his body, even from beneath his nails.“

(Sahih Muslim)

“Purity is half of the faith”

“Prophet (PBUH) said: On the Day of Resurrection, my followers will be called Al- Ghurr-ul-Muhajjalun from the traces of ablution and whoever can increase the area of his radiance should do so (by performing ablution in the most perfect manner).”

(Sahih Bukhari, Vol. 1, No. 138)

  • A Blind Man came to the Prophet (PBUH) seeking cure. The Prophet (PBUH) before giving him any advice asked him to:

“First go to the ablution area and make   ablution.”wudu science

  • Ablution is the opening for the cure of every sickness. Without ablution effort to cure a disease will be minimal.
  • Now in the 21st century we know that washing hands, face & other parts of the body is important to prevent disease
  • But 1400 years ago when there was no microscopes Allah advised the Muslims a set of washing movements before every prayer so that they remain free of disease & ill health

One of the Chinese way of treatment focuses on some specific points on the body called Biologically Active Spots. Dr. Magomed Magomedov of Daghestan State Medical Academy in his paper “Muslims Rituals and their Effect on the Person’s Health” says:

“Ablution stimulates the biological rhythms of the body and specifically Biological Active Spots (BASes), very much like Chinese Reflexo-Therapy”. Among the total 700 BASes in the body 66 have quick reflex therapy effects – Out of these 66 astonishingly 61 are involved in wudu!

An American scientist :wudu science

  • “Water has a magic effect – is the best means of achieving relaxation and eliminating tension”.

Source: Reformation Magazine No. 296, 1994

Dr. Ahmed Shawqi Ibraheem, MRCP, says:

  • “Scientists came to know that when light falls on the drops of water on the skin during ablution gives birth to negative ions and reduces the positive ions consequently relaxing the nervous system & muscles reducing pain as well as tension and anxiety”.

Symposium of the Association of the Scientific Miracles in Quran

Hand Washingwudu science

  • Hands are the main contact part of the body with the outside world
  • They attract Germs & Parasites – Ova / Egg all the time
  • If not washed these germs can cause various infections of skin and other parts of the body
  • Contact Infections.
  • After saying Bismillah Wudu starts with hand washing
  • We could have been advised to wash the face first or the ears or any thing else …. But no! Allah knew that if unclean hands touch the face first they will transfer infection to it – so hands must be washed first as then one can use them to wash other parts of the body
  • This is simple common sense but again considering that this was advised in the 6th century AD is sufficient prove to believe that this was not the advise of a human but of somebody who knows all: Allah All Mighty
  • Hand washing advised in wudu is not just simple wetting of the hands
  • It includes rubbing the hands from both sides and scrubbing the Nails & doing Khalal (rubbing the interlocked fingers with each other to remove dirt from in-between the fingers)
  • All this done 3 times will not even leave a speck of dust or germs on the surface of hands


An ordinary head of a pin as seen through a microscope. With microscope you can see how many germs are hiding on just one place on the head of this pin. Now, just think about how many could be on the surface of your hands

Hand washing is the single most important means of preventing the spread of infection”.

US Center of Disease Control and Prevention (CDC)

They are saying it now – we were told 1400 years ago when their were no microscopes and no bacterial culture media!

This chart has been developed by World Health Organization based on long research – See the similarities in the hand washing recommended in wudu (1400 years ago) and this chart developed in the 21st century


Washing Mouth before Nose Cleaning

  • After washing hands next is washing the mouth cavity by gargling
  • Now see the order – how perfect and scientifically logical it is – Once the hands are completely clean then they are used to take water in the mouth so that no germs go inside the body
  • Allah could have asked us to clean the nose before gargling …. But again No! He knew what we learned in the 21st century – as then the nasal germs could have passed into the mouth


i)Mouth – The main door of the body:

  • Every thing we eat or drink pass through (every time we eat we are exposed to the bacteria in our mouth)
  • Even the air we breathe has to pass through it (carrying germs & allergens & dust particles)

ii) The surface of the mouth cavity (throat / tonsils) is covered by very fine cells called ‘Epithelium’. Dust particles & germs from air & food are deposited on them and if these germs are allowed to stay there for long periods they multiply and can cause infections

iii) During wudu gargling is taking the water to the back of the throat – Not just the mouth cavity! & rinsing it well

iv)One can use his/her fingers or if available a miswak or brush to further rub and clean the teeth & remove food particles sticking in between the teeth


  • Gums & Teeth
  • Miswaak:

  Gum infections

  Dental Carries

  Bacterial Endocarditis


  Trace Elements

  • Prophet (PBUH) said:

“If I had not found it hard for my followers or the people, I would have ordered them to clean their teeth with Miswaak for every prayer.”


“The most important finding in our study is that the common cold could be prevented over 30 percent of the time by daily gargling with plain water. This simple hygienic habit could contribute to public health and it would have obvious economic benefits”.

(Recent study by Kazunari Satomura, M.D., Ph.D., Professor of Medicine and Epidemiology at Kyoto University, Japan)

  • It has also been observed that regular Namazis who do proper gargles with every wudu, instead of the simple Kuli(that most of us do) have about 50% less chances of catching viral or bacterial throat & respiratory infections like Flu.
  • When we gargle water comes in contact with the throat lining and thus washes it of all foreign particles & germs

Effect on Tongue – Mouth Washing

  • 15 gargles / day (5 x 3 times) ensure that no foreign particles like food, germs, etc remain stuck in the ridges of the tongue
  • This improves sense of taste
  • Also reduces “Bad Breath”

Figures below show the parts involved in TASTE sensation. Whenever we eat ordrink something it comes in contact with very fine taste buds on the tongue. A very minute residual amount of the food that passes on into the stomach can remainstuck in the folds of the ‘Papillae’. Regular mouth washing with vigorous movement of water inside the mouth cavity such stuck particles are dislodged thus maintaining better taste perception.


Nose Cleaning wudu science


  • Air passage way
  • Dust / Germs /Allergens /Contaminants
  • Moist & humid mucosalsurface – Hair / Sticky
  • Accumulate & multiply overhours
  • Post Nasal Drip: Passdown into the throat.


  • Air that we inhale contains manysuspended dust particles &germs
  • Allah has bestowed us with a very effective filter (nose hair)that removes and stop the entryof germs into the lungs
  • Gradually over hours these germs get accumulated in &around the nasal hair
  • If not removed by blowing andwashing the nose they wouldcause infections like Flu,Sinusitis, Chest infections, etc
  • During wudu water must reach the upper bony part – Not just the front portion
  • The little finger of left hand is used to dislodge sticking particles



This figure is meant to show that highly refined and microscopic processes take place on the mucosal surface of the nose. These sensitive process are disrupted by accumulation of dust & germs


Study to prove that nose cleaning helps in reducing the presence of germs in the nasal cavity

Study at Alexandria University (Egypt) on decreased presence of germs in nose through regular Nasal Irrigation:

  • Practicing prayers with irrigation of their noses: 9.5% <0.025
  • Practicing prayers but without nasal irrigation: 42.5% <0.025
  • Not practicing prayers (not doing nasal irrigation): 47% <0.025

(in red is the percentage of persons in whom germs were present in the nose) wudu science


Conclusion: Ablution before praying has an important significance in decreasing and minimizing the skin flora (germs) especially in the nasal area.

(Saudi Medical Journal 2001; Vol. 22 (12): 1136)

American Study of 211 patients with different inflammatory conditions in the nose including allergies:

  • Patients who used nasal irrigation for the treatment of sino-nasal disease experienced statistically significant improvements in 23 of the 30 nasal symptoms queried.

(Ref.: Tomooka L. et al. (2000) Clinical Study and Literature Review of Nasal Irrigation. The Laryngoscope 110:1189-1193)

  • Significant improvement of the conditions in the nasal passages and improvement of the general quality of life of patients with chronic sinusitis, as a result of cleansing the nose with water regularly.

Nasal Douching as a Valuable Adjunct in the Management of Chronic Rhino Sinusitis. Taccariello et al. (1999, Rhinology J. 37:29-32)

Nasal Irrigation Benefits wudu science

  • Clear out sticky, persistent mucus and help reduce nasal congestion.
  • Cleanse and rid the sinus cavities of allergens, irritants, and contaminants.
  • Treat chronic sinusitis.
  • Treat allergic rhinitis.
  • Prevent common colds and flu.
  • Relieve nasal dryness.
  • Improves breathing.
  • Reduce symptoms like cough of post nasal drip. wudu science
  • Treat acute bacterial rhino-sinusitis Specially beneficial to people with allergies, asthma, sinusitis and deviated nasal septum

Face Washing wudu science


(without soap)

Do not leave even a space equal to a hair follicle

  • Invigorates the facial skin cells and prevent early wrinkles.
  • Promotes good skin and complexion
  • Removes oily skin conditions
  • Retard acne or pimple growth
  • Cleansing effect on the inside of the eyes – prevents eye infections.
  • Cures dry skin, blisters, rashes and eczema
  • Stress reduction / soothing effects.


Forearms & Elbows wudu science


  • Forearms also remain exposed during normal w daily life & attract germs/ dust wudu science
  • Elbows are kept lower then the hands to ensure that waste water flows away from the hands



  • Ears are cleaned from both outside& inside
  • The movements prescribed for ear cleaning are very comprehensive and do not leave any part of the ear contaminated.
  • Simple wet hands are used – instead of pouring water on the ears that may go into the ear canal – Again notice this instruction in relation to the level of knowledge in the medieval ages.
  • This helps in:
      • Effectively removing wax – Regularly done 5 times a day ensures its minimal accumulation
      • Gives a soothing & relaxing feeling

Figure showing various parts of the Earwudu-science-complete-comparison-wudu-modren-science

“When cotton tipped applicators are used to clean out ear wax, there is a risk of breaking the ear drum (perforation). Although we realize that this is commonly done, we recommend against using cotton tipped applicators, hair pins, and similar devices to clean the ear. Simple wet fingers are the best mean to clean the ear.”

American Hearing Research Foundation.


Neck & Head wudu science

Massah (passing wet hands over the back of neck & head)

  • Neck:
        • Neck is an exposed area of the body that gathers dustwudu science
        • Massah helps in cleaning, and
        • Also reduces stress – In fact many Stress Therapists strongly recommend similar motion to reduce stress.
  • Head:
        • Fingers are passed through the hair touching the scalp
        • This motion removes dust
        • It is a mild massage of the head (helps in stress reduction also)
        • Prevents or slow down the process of baldness.

Feet wudu science


  • During the day feet remain bound in the socks & shoes
  • This can cause infections incl. fungus, Athlete’s foot, etc.
  • In wudu the feet are washed up to the ankles along with passing of the fingers of the hands in between the toes
  • Benefits include:
        • Eliminates germs & reduces infections wudu science 
        • Increased blood circulation
        • Freshen up the body as a whole also
        • Specially helpful for diabetics
        • Reduces formation of warts on the feet

wudu science wudu-science-complete-comparison-wudu-modren-science

“Do not waste water even if performing ablution on the bank of a fast-flowing (large) river. wudu science

“Washing the various parts of the body requires water – But it does not mean that water should be wasted. From Ahadith it is clear that the Prophet (PBUH) always used minimal amount of water.

People usually open the water tap to its full – That results in water splashing around – It is recommended that the minimal amount of water be used – Thus fulfilling an important Sunnah of the Prophet (PBUH).

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