Top 15 home shopping online stores in Asia

Top 15 home shopping online stores

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1. AliExpress

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home shopping  The most popular store, we have already done a survey of unusual things and wrote about customer expectations and real goods. Look for sellers with a good rating and see the reviews. And if the thing does not come, you will get money back.

2. Banggood

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home shopping  Huge selection, very low prices, a developed system of daily stocks and coupon discounts. Track number for any purchase. The support center is only in English, and the payment for the goods is only by international transfers or by Paypal.


3. Chinabuye

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home shopping Free delivery for 15-35 days. Different affiliate programs: if you actively invite users or write reviews and reviews, you are given coupons for big discounts. Payment by Paypal, Webmoney or bank transfer.

4. Tinydeal

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home shopping 50 thousand goods: from trifles to tablets, free delivery up to 2 kilograms, you can pay by Visa or Mastercard, if the amount of your purchase does not exceed $ 150. Translation using Google Translator and support in English only. Track number is issued to order from $ 33. For comments, reviews and scores, you earn points that can be exchanged for discounts.


5. BuyInCoins

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home shopping Free shipping. Free track number for any purchase from 20 dollars. For the usual feedback, you get 10 centers, and for feedback from the photo – 20. The search is inconvenient, and the photos sometimes do not coincide with the description of the goods. But the main plus – prices are 20-40% lower than other Asian stores.

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6. Tmart

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home shopping 20 000 products. Despite the already low prices, when ordering for $ 15, you can choose a gift. The more the amount of goods, the more the price of your gift. Free delivery without track number. There are no clothes, only shoes, accessories and underwear.

7. Miniinthebox

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home shopping The delivery is free of charge, bank cards, Webmoney and Kiwi are accepted for payment. Daily discounts up to 70 percent, partial translation of the site into Russian.

8. TomTop

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home shopping Only English, support google translator Support service in English. Only paid delivery and payment via Paypal.

9. MisterTao

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home shopping  800 million goods. Perhaps, here you can buy everything. The support service is only in English, and the translation of the names and descriptions of the products leaves much to be desired. For any purchase, you give 8% of the cost to the service itself. Delivery fee, and 4% will have to pay if you will pay for the purchase through Webmoney or Kiwi.

10. Lightinthebox

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home shopping  On this site is.  Good search by category. Big discounts – for example, a wedding dress for 5 thousand! Daily discounts up to 70%. Different payment options. Delivery of many things paid, but inexpensive.

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11. JD

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home shopping Excellent store of technology. There is everything – from smartphones and accessories to them to robotic vacuum cleaners. There is a support service and detailed instructions . Free and fast delivery.  Webmoney, Kiwi and bank cards are accepted for payment.

12. Dinodirect

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home shopping This site is translated by Google Translator, so the quality of the text is terrible. But free shipping, a lot of discounts and a club of regular customers. By joining this club, you will get a birthday present, free testing of goods, a cumulative discount system and other.

13. Chinavasion

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home shopping A well-known electronics store, for any purchase a guarantee is 1 year. Delivery is paid, and for transfer of money accept bank cards and payments through system Paypal. Ordering small goods here is not profitable, since you have to overpay for delivery, but if you decide to buy something expensive, you can save up to 40%.

14. DealExtreme

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home shopping A popular gadget store. There are traditional offers from 0.99 dollars.  The percentage of margin is less compared to other stores. To exchange goods, it is necessary to save the packaging and all documents. Delivery will take 30-40 days.

15. LighTake

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home shopping Famous store from Hong Kong. Convenient search, customer care, promotions and special offers, free shipping, but it’s all in English only.

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