Tiger Information : 10 interesting facts and information about tiger

Tiger Information and Facts

Tiger information s: Much has been said that the king is the lion, perhaps it is his elegant mane that of that impression, nevertheless, if of strength and ability we spoke it would be the tiger that would take that title, for that reason today we leave you this data about this beautiful feline (Click for mean) that has 6 sub-species.

1. The largest feline in the world

It is the largest feline in the world. Although its size may vary according to its subspecies. The male can reach a weight between 100 and 360 kg. A length of 220-380 cm including the tail and from 70 to 122 cm in height at the withers.

2. The striped pattern is unique

As a fingerprint, the striped pattern is unique in each specimen, marked from its skin. However, because of how difficult it is to record the striped pattern on a wild tiger, this is not the most commonly used method for identifying a tiger. But if it is useful as a camouflage to hide from its possible prey.

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3. Night vision is very sharp

They have a certain vision of color and their night vision is very sharp, but can not catch animals without movement. But lack or deficiency of a sense another develops more and is that his ear is able to detect slight sounds around him.

4. Long Jump.

Adult tigers are able to jump up to 5 meters in height, or 9 or 10 m in length, which makes them one of the highest mammals to jump (only behind the puma in terms of ability of jump).

5.King of their Area

They do not support the presence of other males in their territory. But females are always welcome, in fact many gentlemen come to the point of sharing a prey and even feed after the female.

6. Prey Bigger.

Tigers are opportunistic and do not despise small prey such as monkeys, peacocks, hares and even fish as this kitten is not afraid of water.


Enemies, if you also have. Although they avoid encountering rare occurrences the tigers have come to hunt adult crocodiles. And what about the Amur tigers who found their nemesis in the brown bears. They are a serious mutual threat and both tend to be avoided.

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8.kills Adult ruminant

They can kill an adult ruminant in one fell swoop due to their large claws (which usually measure about 7.5 cm long), combined with the force they can use to strike


But their large size, do not limit their speed as the tigers can reach speeds of up to 90 km / h.

10.Sound Range

As for its roar contains sound waves of perceptible range and infra sound waves inaudible to the human but with terrifying and paralyzing effects. Its sound can be heard at 3km distance.

Tiger Information :Impressive creature, although I would not like to be its prey, once the animal is on the ground, the tiger bites the back of the neck, usually breaking the spinal cord, or piercing the trachea, giving its prey an almost immediate death. Well although at least it does not make its prey suffer.

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