Sydney facts : Interesting facts about Sydney Australia every one should know

Sydney facts

Sydney facts :Over the past two centuries, Sydney has evolved from a British colony into a thriving cosmopolitan metropolis and an international tourist center with a population of about four million people. Located in the southern tip of the eastern coast of Australia. Sydney is one of the largest and most famous cities on the Australian continent and the largest metropolis in the world. Not surprisingly, some consider it the capital of Australia. Sydney was founded in 1788 by Captain Arthur Phillip who led the fleet ships from England. The modern city of Sydney has an area equal to the city of Los Angeles (USA), but given that the population and the number of tourists visiting it every year increases – Sydney continues to “increase” and develop.

After gold was found in the areas of Sydney and Melbourne, these two cities began to develop successfully. After the unification of all Australian territories (states) into one Australian Federation, both cities became contenders for the title of “capital” of Australia. To solve this dispute it was decided to build a new city, which is located between Sydney and Melbourne. The new capital was called Canberra.

Sydney facts :If we talk about the climate of the city of Sydney, then immediately there are associations with beaches and the sun. A warm subtropical climate allows tourists to come to the Australian city all year round. Winters in Sydney are cool, but not cold – the air temperature very rarely drops below the 14 ° C mark. During the summer, the temperature of the thermometer is on average 26-30 ° C, but it can be as hot as 40 ° C. I would like to note that the winter in Sydney – this period from June to August, and here the summer – from December to February. And it’s not surprising that many European tourists go to Australia to celebrate their New Year holidays.

Sydney facts : Interesting facts about Sydney Australia every one should know

In Sydney in 2000 there were Olympic Games which accelerated the modernization of the city.

Sydney’s business card is the “Opera House”, which is considered one of the most beautiful buildings built after the Second World War.

Sydney facts :Sydney is very rich in various attractions, which tourists know all over the world. This list includes the bridge “Harbor Bridge”, the national park “Blue Mountains”, “Sydney Aquarium” and many others. You can remove the load from the steel and concrete urban landscape in many parks in Sydney. Here you can also find entertainment for every taste – exclusive nightclubs, bars, pubs, fashionable restaurants, trendy cafes and much more.

Sydney embankments make of the city – a paradise for lovers of water sports. In total, Sydney has more than 30 beaches, which are always ready to receive hundreds of thousands of tourists.

Other popular outdoor sports are: cycling, golf, walking and running, rock climbing, squash and tennis.

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