HP Z8 Workstation up to 3 TB of RAM and 48 TB of disk space

HP Z8 Workstation- up to 3 TB of RAM and 48 TB of disk space

To keep pace with the rapid development of 4K video (and not far off and 8K), not to mention the content for virtual reality and 360-degree panoramic shootings, today’s computers must increase productivity, and do it quickly. Comp with 16 gigabytes of RAM, with a “cool video” and a terabyte drive is no longer suitable for a professional. For serious work you need … for example, something like what HP offers.

Today, HP announced the release of workstations Z8, Z6 and Z4 – and in a press release, it’s not for nothing that they say it’s “extremely powerful” machines. The older model Z8 the manufacturer even calls “the most powerful desktop workstation on the planet.” And that’s why…

HP Z8 Workstation: Inside this monster are installed two Intel Xeon processors (up to 56 cores), as well as two NVIDIA Quadro Pro video cards. The work is carried out in a 64-bit operating system Windows 10 Pro. There are 24 RAM memory slots that allow you to use up to 3 TB of RAM (yes, it’s three thousand gigabytes). There are also 9 PCI slots (including 7 full-size slots), two 1GbE ports, 3.1 G2 Type C USB ports, and an optional Thunderbolt 3.

Workstation Z8 will be on sale in October 2017. The cost of the basic configuration is $ 2,440, but for a complete configuration (described above), you will need to spend a few thousand more. Since this is not possible for every user, younger models Z6 and Z4 are offered – the characteristics of which do not reach the extreme values ​​of Z8, but they are very  powerful computers too.

The HP Z6 also has two processors, up to 384 GB of memory, and M.2 slots for HP Z Turbo Drive PCI native hard drives.

HP Z8 Workstation:  Model Z4 is more modest, it uses one Intel Xeon W processor, “only” 256 GB of RAM, as well as two 1GbE ports and two M.2 slots.

Workstation HP Z6 in the basic configuration will cost $ 1920, and HP Z4, which will be released later, in November 2017 – $ 1,240.

Workstation HP Z8 – up to 3 TB of RAM and 48 TB of disk space

More information about the new line of HP workstations can be found on the company’s website.

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