Great Wall of China: Interesting facts about the symbol of China

Great Wall of China. Interesting facts about the symbol of China

Great Wall of China:  In a number of countries with majestic monuments of architecture is China. The Great Wall of China is a grandiose structure that shakes the scale, especially if one imagines in what ancient times it was built. Almost a nine-kilometer monument stretched across the entire modern country, but on the site near Beijing it is beautiful in its own way. The length of the Chinese wall is about 8850 km.

Great Wall of China. Interesting facts about the symbol of China

The history of construction of Great Wall of China.

The history of a large-scale construction is as striking as its appearance. Try to imagine how many years and efforts it took to build the Great Wall of China, the map of which passes through the border of ancient China. Large-scale construction has no analogues in the world.

Construction is led by Emperor Qin Shi-huandi (III in BC), the ancestor of the Qin dynasty. The wall was erected during the Warring States. The state then suffered from the raids of nomadic peoples. A fifth of the total population of then-China, or more than a million people, took part in the construction.

The Chinese planned to settle further north, so they decided to build a wall with a vision for the future. The leadership of the “Celestial Empire” warned the transition of its people to a nomadic way of life and saved them from conquest by barbarians. In addition, the Great Wall of China began to serve as a symbol of the monarchy, to call for the unification of the provinces.

Borders of the Chinese Wall:

Borders of the Chinese Wall:

In the era of the Han dynasty, who decided to extend the protective wall a little to the west. Many watchtowers were erected, the protection of merchant caravans was thought through.

The parts of the huge wall that survived before us were created during the Ming dynasty in the Middle Ages. During the construction, brick blocks were used, so these parts of the fortress have been preserved to this day. The boundaries of the wall again expanded – from the Yellow Sea to Gansu Province.

The Qing Dynasty that came to replace the old rule belonged to the main building of China scornfully. For three hundred years (XVII – XX century), the Great Wall of China was not repaired and was almost completely destroyed. Only the Badaling gates near Beijing did not suffer from a disregard, as it was a symbol of the entrance to the capital. Now this place is in great demand among tourists. Despite the proposal of US President Nixon on the site of a historical monument to build a highway, the Chinese Wall on the map of attractions remained.

In 1984, senior management rethought, and Deng Xiaoping put forward an initiative to restore the oldest architectural monument. The investment of local and foreign companies was fully justified.

Great Wall of China Nowadays.

Now the Great Wall of China in a different state in its length. For example, 60 kilometers of construction near Shanxi (north-west) suffer from erosion. Why did the wall suddenly begin to crumble? It’s all about tough methods of active agriculture, which drained underground water. The climate changed, and the terrain began to be subjected to regular sand storms. Most of the length of the Chinese wall on this site is already level with the earth, and the rest of it gradually goes underground.

The introduction of an ancient architectural monument under the auspices of UNESCO slightly corrected the matter. The construction began to take care of tourists traveling around the country, bring a good income, some of which is to restore the crumbling sites.

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Legends of Great Wall of China

A huge building over the centuries had time to develop its myths. The most implausible – the wall was built entirely at a time. In fact, the length of the Chinese wall is interrupted, it is a segmental line, which was built in different parts during the reign of different dynasties.

There are also bloody stories. The construction of the defensive fortification took the lives of people engaged in heavy physical labor without rest. About a million lives – that’s the cost of a grandiose building. But so far, the Chinese wall on the world records map is the longest building in the history of mankind.

There is a legend that a mortar for binding bricks was implicated in a powder of human bones, and the dead were thrown directly onto the wall, under the next layer of cement. Modern research has shown that the solution was made from rice flour, and the presence of corpses in the wall would lead to collapse of the structure.

Another myth is associated with traditional Chinese folklore. He narrates that the fire dragon flew before the builders, and they, following the flames of his flame, erected a wall. In fact, the workers had to get rid of obstacles on their own.

Great Wall of China: Interesting facts about the symbol of China

A beautiful legend about Meng Jing Niu exists to this day. The wife of a farmer who was involved in the construction of the Great Wall of China learned of her husband’s death at the construction site. She came and cried at the wall for so long that she collapsed and bared the bones of her beloved, which she was able to bury with honor. But this legend is just a fairy tale. Those who died in the construction were buried by their families with special honor. On the coffin sat a white cock, who shouted so that the spirit of the deceased would not fall asleep. The coffin was carried through the wall so that it would not wander along it.

Interesting Facts

  • This segmentally of the structure led to the fact that the Mongolian tribes of Genghis Khan in the XIII century conquered the north of the country. For over a hundred years they even ruled China, but the Ming dynasty drove out the invaders.
  • A person can see it from space. This belief was born more than a hundred years ago. Now it is proved that the wall from outer space cannot be seen.
  • It can be found in the list of new and old wonders of the world.
  • During the construction of enterprising Chinese invented wheelbarrows.
  • In addition to the wall, the workers had to excavate ditches along the protective structure.
  • The observation towers could reach a great height. From them it was clearly visible that the enemies were going to attack peaceful Chinese. A whole signal system with torches and lighthouses was thought through.
  • The wall served as a defense during the Sino-Japanese War, when the opponents left a lot of bullets in it.
  • The Great Wall of China is a recognized miracle, a symbol of the fortitude of the spirit and greatness of the ancient people. In our time, the most important thing is the preservation of the monument for descendants.

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