Future technology will transform the machine beyond recognition?

Future technology

Future technology: When we hear the phrase “modern technology”, we imagine unusual ideas that have been implemented, but nobody uses them because of the high price, because of the innovative idea, because of unjustified needs and unreliable research. All the new scares, because someone will prefer a new building to an old house that has stood for more than 100 years, and the seismic norm has long since outlived itself. Just today we will talk about cars in which there are new and lively ideas, where there is no room for the old design or engine.

Technology, like technology, must develop. You also like when your gas stove turns on itself, is regulated by the “smart home” system, and iPhone sets an alarm clock or writes messages for you? The same is true for cars that have been transformed from year to year, become better and more beautiful. And we will separately consider the top 10 best technologies that will transform the machine beyond recognition. Then you can get to the list of the most expensive cars in the world, go for it!

Solid-state accumulators

The ideal crime from ideal people is a solid-state battery that will replace all “harmful” batteries for today. Engineers plan to completely remove from production such things as electrolyte. Now solid material has replaced modernity. On the basis of new developments, the unit will be cheaper, reliable and inexpensive. Safety remains an important issue, the percentage of which will be increased to 99% due to the materials used.

Electronic cooling system

And again we will talk about electronics. Why not? This innovation has become very popular, and the capture of industrial units has grown several times. Electric ignition will be left for gas stoves, and in the car we will introduce a cooling system. Currently, 68% of the machines work on this technology – you do not need to worry about a belt that will rotate because of engine speed. The fan will give coolness as soon as the engine exceeds the degree of heating. He can not overheat, and you – minus one puzzle a day.

48 Volt Electricity and Drives

Future technology: Virtually every car needs a strong and powerful charge of electricity. For this purpose, specialists invented the latest technology, which they managed to introduce into mass production in the car market over the past few years. These are 48-volt electrical systems and drives that will give a powerful charge to the engine so that it can run smoothly, as long as possible. The pace of improvement and development will grow every year.

Color change without painting

A fairly new technology that allows you to change the color of the machine. There is no need for paints, doors will not be removed, nothing will be stuck. Now we have developed such a technology as the gluing of a car with a special film. It’s not vinyl, and the texture can be different. In the linear series, there may not be a desired color, and you can choose your favorite shade by making the car unique in its kind. The film will protect the native paint from damage, retain the brightness of the color, protect it from moisture and corrosion.

Deactivation system of engine cylinders

In the next few years, engineers will be engaged in the creation of new engines that will consume less, and give more. Technology has received a wide demand, especially in countries where people constantly update the “garments” of garages. Today, the question is how to make the engine hybrid, but that it consumes a minimum of fuel, gave out a maximum of energy, eating a budget part of the owner’s income. The answer is still being designed and developed, but the efficiency of such engines promises to eclipse the entire auto market, because the units will operate in the same modes.

Hydrogen engines

Future technology: About this type of engine could be argued as the unfulfilled dream of Ford. He always tried to create a time machine, a perpetual motion machine, an aggregate of constant motion. But now, after several hundred years, when technologies and human minds have united, we can observe the reconstruction of important elements of the machine. This is not science fiction, but a very real idea is to make a hydrogen engine that will save up to 98% of the total budget spent today on the maintenance of the car. Soon such cars will eclipse electric motors and hybrids.

Hydrogen tank

Future technology: Continue the previous topic on the item, and talk about the tanks. They are necessary when it comes to fuel. And any machine somewhere should store its stocks of “food”. Engineers over the past three years have made tremendous changes – now projects for the construction of tanks and hydrogen engines will be financed by the state regulation system. In addition, there will be dedicated boxes for experiments and inspections. Americans considered themselves pioneers in this matter, but the first test was done on another continent. Guess who?

Silicon-anodic batteries

Future technology: Well, where do we go without modern technology and deadly ideas? We try to keep up with Europe, creating a lot of useful things for cars. The technology of creating batteries is amazing – how necessary is it to be inventive, that you will guess to combine silicon and metals into one single one, where will the first be sources and conductors for the second material? The efficiency of the technology will be calculated on the grounds that the battery usage time will grow by 10%, and the benefit from this will increase by 45%. This is great news for those who want to later buy a hybrid car with a hydrogen engine. We assure you, a fuel tank will be given as a gift!

Electric starter

Future technology: Starting a car with a key was not always convenient, especially if the key was constantly lost, frozen, broke. The current technologies have become a great progress, and this point is no exception. This is a great contribution to industrial production, which allows the driver to conveniently and comfortably start the car from the first time without warming up. Now starting the engine does not require much effort, all for you makes electronics. For someone it is a taboo subject, but for some it’s all to the liking. In the future, it can be done so that all machines will have a start-up system with a single button.

Electric blowers

It will be hard to believe, but the engineers figured out how to extend the life of a simple and old turbocharger. In the years to come, it is planned to develop nano technologies that will overcome all the obstacles in creating modern amenities for comfortable driving. Everything today is built on electrician – it’s safer, more reliable, cheaper to repair, more efficient to use and more comfortable for life. It’s strange, but scientists and manufacturers noted that engineers were going to violate all the existing laws of physics. Maybe, because we already found one mistake in Einstein’s formulas.

Now you can imagine what kind of cars will be a few decades later? Probably, the apocalypse will come very soon, and tomorrow you will see how your neighbor drives around with a hydrogen engine, with a solid battery and in general – the car will start up itself, park, and bring goods from stores.

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