Faraiz of Ghusl and Sunnah Method of Ghusl

Faraiz  Ghusl

faraiz ghusl The above mentioned method is the sunnat procedure for ghusl. In ghusl, some acts are 

compulsory without which one’s ghusl will not be correct and one will remain impure. Thus it is 

necessary to have the knowledge of what is compulsory in ghusl. Only three acts are compulsory 

in ghusl. 

1.  To gargle one’s mouth (in such a method that water reaches the entire mouth.) 

2.  To place water in the nose  ( upto the soft portion) 

3.  To make water reach the entire body. 

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               Hadith about firday and Sunnah of Prophet Peace Be Upon Him on Friday


First wash both hands upto the wrists.Thereafter wash off any impurity that may be on the body 

of both the front and back private parts (whether there is a need for this or not). Now perform 

Wudhu according to the Sunnat manner. If one is taking a bath in such a place where the water 

does not flow away but instead gathers at the feet, then do not wash the feet there. After the Wudhu, pour water over the head thrice (sufficient water should be poured so that the entire body is completely drenched). Rub the body with the hands so that no part remains dry. If even 

a hair span is left dry, the ghusl will be incomplete. In short, ensure that water passes over the 

entire body. Thereafter, move away from this place to a pure spot to wash one’s feet. If, 

however, the feet had been washed at the time of Wudhu, then there is no need to repeat. 

(Behishti Zewar, Shami‐ Vol. 1, pg. 157– 159) 

Note:    The act of wiping oneself with a towel after ghusl is also recorded in the Hadith. Likewise 

not to wipe oneself but to allow the water to dry up on its own is also recorded in the Hadith. 

Hence, whichever of the two methods are adopted, make the intention of fulfilling the Sunnat. 

(Nasai‐Vol.1, pg. 31, Tirmidhi‐Vol.1, pg.18, Shami‐ Vol.1, pg. 99

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