Facts space: Amazing and Interesting facts about space and Universe you must know.

Facts space

Facts space: Space is something that surprises anyone, whether or not he is passionate about astronomy. The immensity of the universe, the colors, the incredible distances, the dimensions of their celestial bodies, the chemical and physical reactions that make up the universe is something that provides spectacular images, thanks to the powerful telescopes we can enjoy. The universe has great mysteries for humanity, since we must remember that our knowledge is very, very, but very little, regarding everything we do not know.

From childhood I always wanted to be an astronaut, I loved to watch movies and read books about the universe that surrounds us, however, still possessing some notions on this interesting subject, I did not know these astonishing data on space. Undoubtedly, they are not facts that leave one indifferent.

The Great Red Spot of Jupiter is a storm that covers a width of 40,000 km and has been brewing for the last 200 years. To imagine its real dimensions, we must know that the planet Earth fits three times within this storm.

Contrary to what most people believe, Earth has more than one moon. The second moon is Cruithne, which is part of the other six asteroid quasi-satellites that rotate in orbit identical to that of Earth.

4.5 million years ago an object of size similar to Mars collided with Earth.

The temperature of the sun is around 9.941 degrees Fahrenheit, about 12.255 degrees Celsius.

The sun is 300,000 times bigger than our planet Earth. Here you can see the comparison of sizes.

Traveling from the core of the sun to its surface would take us about 170,000 years.

Doing the same thing on Earth would take only 8 minutes.

Facts space: Recently, scientists discovered a planet lost in the brightness of a supernova 21 years ago.

The astronauts left a mirror on the surface of the Moon during landing. Now scientists use it to bounce a laser and accurately measure the distance between the Moon and Earth.

The sun travels around the galaxy (a journey of 100,000 light-years) once every 200 million years.

In the space that separates the Earth and the Moon all the planets of our solar system would fit.

During the last 20 years more than 1000 new planets have been discovered.

If we unite all the planets of our solar system on a single planet, Jupiter would be 2.5 times larger than that planet resulting from the combination.

At the moment only three people have died out of Earth’s atmosphere.

On Mars is the highest volcano in our solar system, Mount Olympus is 21 km high and 60 km wide. About the same size as Ireland has.

Facts space: The traces of the Apollo 11 astronauts who stepped on the Moon in 1969 are still maintained because there is no atmosphere on the Moon.

A spoonful of a neutron star would weigh about 10 billion tones.

The sun has 99.86% of the total mass of our solar system.

The nucleus of a star reaches 16 million degrees Celsius. A simple grain of sand at this temperature would kill a human being even 150km away from the grain of sand.

At a glance we are able to see another galaxy that is 2.2 million light years away, The Andromeda Galaxy.

Facts space: Many of these data have surprised me. Although the best thing of all, is that little by little we continue learning more new things and that is … great! If you have found these facts and facts about space curious, share them with the rest of the world by clicking the buttons that are right here below.

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