Brain facts : Top 10 amazing facts about our brain

Brain facts

Brain facts : Our brain is like a commentator which control our movements our senses our motions our movements.Our brain is master of our body after heart Some of the best ways to boost brain power include listening to Quran ( Scientifically proved )and spirituality , reducing stress, sleeping well, exercising more, and teaching others.

  1. The information contained in the nervous system works at different rates depending on the type of neurons. There are neurons that transmit information from 0.5 m / s, and there is 120 m / s.
  2. Your brain is 75% water. So, when you are dehydrated, you feel dizzy and confused long before your body begins to experience physical symptoms of thirst.
  3. When you sleep, your brain releases a hormone that paralyzes you. This does not allow your body to perform activities in a dream.
  4. Have you ever wondered why yawning is contagious? One of the reasons is that you have mirror neurons in your brain. They force your body to automatically mimic the actions that you observe.
  5. Whenever you have a new idea or you want to remember something, your brain cells begin to build up fresh connections with each other.
  6. In order to laugh at a joke requires 5 centers of your brain.
  7. There are no pain receptors in the brain. This allows surgeons to perform operations on the brain when the patient is conscious.
  8. In the waking state, the brain produces between ten and twenty-three watts of energy, enough to power a light bulb.
  9. The size of the brain does not matter. The brain of Albert Einstein had a weight less than the average for a person.
  10. The brain is the largest consumer of energy in your body. Its weight is about 2% of body weight, but consumes 20% of the energy produced from it.

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