Antarctica facts: Mind blowing facts about Antarctica you must know

Antarctica facts Mind blowing

Antarctica facts:  What is Antarctica? A huge continent is ice-covered? Yes, but it’s not so simple. In this post we collected 10 really interesting facts about the coldest place on earth, which few people know.


In Antarctica there is a mountain range comparable in size to the Alps

In Antarctica there is a mountain range comparable in size to the Alps of Antarctica.These mountains are called Gamburtsev Mountains by the name of the Soviet geophysicist and academician Georgy Gamburtsev, whose expedition in 1958 opened their existence. The length of the mountain massif is 1300 km, the width is from 200 to 500 km. The highest point is 3390 m. Well, now the most interesting thing, all this giant rests under a huge thickness of ice. On average, the thickness of the ice cover over the mountains is 600 meters, but there are areas where the ice thickness is more than 4 km.


In the sub glacial lakes of Antarctica, there may be a life that for millions of years has evolved completely separate from the whole Earth

Altogether more than 140 sub glacial lakes were found in Antarctica. But the most famous of them is Lake Vostok, located near the Soviet, and later the Russian Antarctic station “Vostok”, which gave the lake its name. Above the lake there is a four-kilometer thickness of ice, but it itself does not freeze due to underground geothermal sources under it. The water temperature in the depth of the lake is at a level of 10 ° C. It was this ice mass that, according to scientists, could serve as a natural isolator that preserved unique living organisms, which all these millions of years developed and evolved completely isolated.


There are no time zones in Antarctica

Antarctica is the only continent on the planet that is not divided into time zones and time zones. There is also no definite time in Antarctica. All scientists and expedition members living there are oriented either to the time of their native country, or to the time of employees who deliver supplies to them.


Antarctica contains 70% of all fresh water reserves on the planet, but it is the driest place on earth

Antarctica contains 70% of all fresh water on the planet, but it is the driest place on Earth Antarctica, Paradoxically, but just like that. Although, if you understand, there is nothing strange here. Reserves of fresh water are, of course, ice. Well, with precipitation here it is really bad: only 18 mm per year. Even in the Sahara desert, 76 mm of precipitation falls in a year.


In Antarctica is the sea with the cleanest water in the world

Antarctica facts: This is the Weddell Sea and it is rightfully considered to be the most transparent in the world. However, here too there is nothing surprising, because in Antarctica there is simply no one to pollute him. Water in the Weddell Sea is so pure that it can be viewed objects that are at a depth of 79 meters. This almost corresponds to the transparency of distilled water.

Antarctic icebergs can be the size of an entire city

And it’s still gently said. Just imagine: the largest iceberg that broke off here (naturally from those that managed to register) was 295 kilometers in length and 37 in width. Once again: 295 kilometers!

Antarctica has its own domain name and telephone code

Antarctica facts: Facts Despite the fact that there is no permanent population in Antarctica, this continent also has its own domain name .aq, and a unique telephone code of 672. And Antarctica has its own, albeit unofficial, currency, the Antarctic dollar.


Contrary to the common misconception, not all the territory of Antarctica is covered with ice

Antarctica facts: For many, Antarctica is an endless ice desert, where there is nothing but snow of ice. And for the most part it is, of course, so. But in Antarctica there are also quite extensive valleys and even sand dunes. However, you should not flatter yourself, there is no snow, not because in these areas it is warmer than in others, on the contrary, the conditions there are even more severe. In the dry valleys of McMurdo, terrible catbatic winds blow at speeds of up to 320 km / h. They cause evaporation of moisture and therefore there is neither snow nor ice here. The conditions of life here are so close to the Martian that NASA even conducted in the valleys of McMurdo the trials of descent space

In Antarctica there are several active volcanoes

Antarctica facts: In general, Antarctica is a very calm place in terms of seismic activity. Although, here, too, has its own volcanoes and not only sleeping, but also quite active. At least two of them erupted within the past 200 years. And the most famous volcano of Antarctica, which in combination is the most active, is called Erebus, it is often called “the volcano guarding the way to the South Pole”.


In Antarctica are the largest known asteroid craters

Antarctica facts: This crater is located in the region of the Ulykis Land and has a funnel diameter of about 482 km. According to scientists, it was formed approximately 250 million years ago in the Permian-Triassic period as a result of the fall to Earth of an asteroid measuring at least 48 kilometers across. Dust raised during the fall and explosion of the asteroid, led to a centuries-old cooling and, according to one of the hypotheses, the death of most of the flora and fauna of that era.

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