amc movie theater will invest $ 20 million in Hollywood studio VR-content Dreamscape Immersive

amc movie theater will invest $ 20 million in Hollywood studio VR-content

American company AMC Entertainment will invest $ 10 million in Hollywood studio VR-content Dreamscape Immersive. Under the terms of the agreement in the next year and a half the studio will equip several virtual reality halls in the network of AMC cinemas in North America and the UK.

(originally an abbreviation for American Multi-Cinema, often referred to simply as AMC and known in some countries as AMC Cinemas) is an American movie theater chain owned and operated by AMC Entertainment Inc

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amc movie theater In AMC multiplexes in North America and the UK, six virtual reality halls will be opened, designed for small groups of visitors. Halls measuring 5 by 5 meters are equipped with tactile floor tiles, fans, as well as systems for simulating odors.

Visitors will be given a VR-headset, a laptop computer in a backpack, as well as sensors for hands and feet that track movements. The set of equipment developed by the Swiss start-up Artanim, will allow to recreate the full-scale avatar of the viewer, which will be placed in virtual reality. Unlike many analogs, the system allows you to simultaneously explore VR-content 2-6 viewers.

He first VR-halls in the cinemas AMC will appear in 2018, reports Verge . The company’s partner will be the Los Angeles startup Dreamscape Immersive, whose investors are Steven Spielberg and Warner Bros. 21st Century Fox and MGM. Also the studio is advised by the famous designer Yves Behar and composer Hans Zimmer.  AMC will invest $ 10 million in Dreamscape Immersive shares.

amc movie theater

In the near future halls with the effect of immersion will appear not only in cinemas, but also in living quarters. In mid-September, the startup Cinera collected more than $ 250,000 to create a VR-headset for a home theater format IMAX. Cinera promises that the viewing angle in the home theater will be 66 °. In cinemas, the viewing angle is usually only 54 °.

amc movie theater

amc movie theater

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