10 top best smartphones of 2017

10 top best smartphones of 2017

1.Xiaomi Mi 6

top best smartphones :Model Mi 6 from the famous Chinese brand Xiaomi received high performance not only due to the modern processor, but also due to the impressive amount of RAM – as much as 6 GB.

Equally impressive are the parameters of permanent memory, in the “younger” version equal to 64 GB, in the “older” version – 128 GB.

Processor: Snapdragon 835.

The number of points by rating AnTuTu: 184292.

Cost: $ 442.

Xiaomi Mi 6 kashif-e-nigar2.Apple iPhone 7

top best smartphones :One of the most famous smartphones in the world, the iPhone 7 is rightly considered the flagship in its lineup. Even despite 2 GB of RAM, its performance is significantly higher than the performance of other models. And the size of external memory for the top version (256 GB) and generally have no equal in the modern market. Although the performance of the phone and high performance, it is not due to memory, but to the latest model of the A10 processor.

Chipset: Apple A10.

Rating AnTuTu: 178397.

Price: $ 671.

Apple iPhone 7 kashif-e-nigar

3.Nubia Z17

top best smartphones :Mark ZTE, whose models often fall into the ratings AnTuTu, was on top and in June 2017. Productivity of the device is higher in comparison with competitors due to the modern processor, 6 GB of operative and 128 GB of internal memory. And, if the model received 8GB of RAM, as it was supposed before its release, its position in the TOP-10 could be even higher. Processor model: Snapdragon 835.

Smartphone price: $ 470.

Nubia Z17 kashif-e-nigar

4.OnePlus 3T

top best smartphones :OnePlus products are often called “smartphone killers”. As AnTuTu testing shows, one of the newest models of the same brand, 3T, also has the right to such a name. RAM size of 6 GB and ROM 128 GB allow the phone to run any modern applications and games. And the only reason that it was only in fourth place, is a less efficient processor compared to the top three.

The device’s processor: Snapdragon 821.

Points by AnTuTu rating: 164305.

Average price: $ 413.

OnePlus 3T kashif-e-nigar

5.ZUK Edge

top best smartphones :High performance ZUK Edge is associated with a powerful modern processor and the same performance graphics Adreno 530. Naturally, the best results for testing showed a modification with 6 GB of RAM, but the 4-gigabyte version also produces quite decent results.

Processor: Snapdragon 821.

Rating AnTuTu: 160000 points.

The cost of the model: $ 296.

ZUK Edge kashif-e-nigar

6.LeEco Le Pro 3

top best smartphones :Not so long ago appeared on the world market brand LeEco often offers high-performance smartphones at affordable prices. The maximum configuration of the new model Le Pro 3 with 6 GB of RAM and the price of only $ 255 is consistent with its performance of the best mobile devices in 2017.

Processor: Snapdragon 821.

The number of points by rating AnTuTu: 156240.

Price: $ 255.

LeEco Le Pro 3 kashif-e-nigar

7.Xiaomi Mi 5s Plus

top best smartphones :Another smartphone from Xiaomi, a notable feature of which is an ultrasound fingerprint scanner, also has good performance. It is achieved due to 6 GB of RAM and 128 GB of permanent memory. And, naturally, thanks to one of the most powerful modern processors.

Installed processor: Snapdragon 821.

The number of points by rating AnTuTu: 153323.

Price: $ 300.

Xiaomi Mi 5s Plus kashif-e-nigar

8.Xiaomi Mi MIX

top best smartphones :The number of points in the AnTuTu test of the Xiaomi Mi MIX model does not differ from the previous one in the review of the smartphone. And for this there is every reason – both the processor and RAM of the two gadgets are completely identical. Although the maximum configuration of this device includes 256 GB of ROM and a screen with a diagonal of 0.7 inches more, due to which it costs more than a half times more expensive.

The processor: Snapdragon 821.

Points on AnTuTu: 153323.

The prices in a network: $ 500.

Xiaomi Mi MIX kashif-e-nigar

9.Xiaomi Mi 5s

top best smartphones :Among the modifications of Xiaomi Mi 5s you can find a smartphone with 4 GB of RAM. This top-ranking version also entered the rating, having taken quite worthy 9th place. A powerful processor and a good graphics core allowed the smartphone to beat competitors and be considered one of the best options for buying. Especially since its price noticeably highlights the model among its competitors.

Processor: Snapdragon 821.

Rating AnTuTu: 151301 points.

The price of the model is $ 257.

Xiaomi Mi 5s kashif-e-nigar

10.Huawei P10

top best smartphones :Like almost all other smartphones in the TOP-10, Huawei P10 has 4 GB of RAM and a good quad-core processor. And even, despite the fact that the model was only on the 10th place, the number of points obtained allows it to be attributed to the flagships. Although not to the budget – the smartphone costs twice as much as the two most profitable devices to buy from the June list.

Chipset smartphone: HiSilicon KIRIN 960.

Indicators for AnTuTu: 147800.

Cost of gadget: $ 530.

top best smartphones


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