Facts about Sun : 10 interesting facts you should know about Sun

10 Facts about Sun

Facts about Sun: Also called the yellow dwarf, it is the star in charge of giving us light, the source of energy within our solar system. And for this and more today we will talk about 10 interesting facts about sun (star).

1. The Sun moves

Facts about Sun: In school they taught us that it is the Earth that orbits around the Sun, but this does not mean that the Sun is always immobile. It is orbiting the center of the Milky Way (about 28,000 light years from the Sun) and dragging the entire Solar System with it.

2. It is responsible for the tides

Facts about Sun: We blame the moon but the truth is that the forces of gravitational attraction between the Sun and the Moon and those that exert on Earth directly influence the rise and fall of the seas and oceans of Earth.

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3. It is fundamental in almost all cultures

Facts about Sun: It is essential for life on Earth so it is not surprising that in many cultures around the world, the Sun is revered and treated as the highest authority. For the Egyptians Ra, for the Mesoamerican cultures Quetzalcoatl, Apollo among the Romans and Helio for the Greeks among others.

4. Its rotation is differential

While the complete Earth rotates in 24 hours, the sun does not do it uniformly, because its composition shows different rotation according to which part of the Sun is measured. At the poles it takes 34.4 days, but on the equator it only takes 25.4 days.

5. It has different layers

Facts about Sun: The first is the photo sphere which has a temperature of 5726 ° C, followed by the convection zone, where the heat moves slowly from the inside to the surface. Then comes the radioactive zone and in the center the core and the temperature of the core of the Sun is ~ 1.36 × 107 K, no less than about 15,600,729 ˚C, according to the Scientific Eye.

6. It is composed of hydrogen and helium

At least mainly, if I had a label I would say something like:

74% Hydrogen

24% Helium

2% other basic elements (iron, nickel, oxygen and several others)

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7. It is not so huge

Facts about Sun: It’s 330,000 times heavier than Earth and 3,498 times larger than Saturn, incredible? For it still does not reach the heels of thousands of colossal stars in the immense Universe. It could be insignificant compared to Antares or Betelgeuse, so you get an idea look at this image.

8. Conforms most of the Solar System

Facts about Sun: Therefore the name of the System, if the Sun did not exist the System either. By saying that the Sun represents 99.8% of the entire mass of the Solar System. The other 0.2% comes mostly from Jupiter. Imagine where you leave that to Earth, it hardly exists.

9. It is the closest star to Earth| Facts about Sun

Facts about Sun: The star around which our planet rotates and the rest of the Solar System is located at an average distance of 149,600,000 km from Earth.

10. It is warming more and more| Facts about Sun

Facts about Sun: Every 10 billion years it becomes 10% brighter. Some believe that this will threaten life on our planet to a very, very long term, to the extent that there will come a time when only bacteria can live on the planet.

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